Thursday, September 16, 2010

Body Firming Milk Lotion

This is a lotion that lives up to its name! Body Firming Milk Lotion is a total body moisturizer for both men and women with firming and toning action. Softening oils of grape seed, safflower, sweet almond and shea butter give the performance of a cream. Natural olive based Squalane is highly effective in decreasing dryness, smoothing scaly skin and creates a hydrating barrier to reduce transdermal water loss. Extracts of gingko biloba and olive leaf, blended with white, green and red teas offer a high level of polyphenol (anti-oxidant) properties and function as free radical scavengers. It has been enriched with vitamin E and vitamin B3 (niacin) which is becoming more important for skin repair.

Glaucine is the ingredient that stimulates lipolisis, diminishing fat cells and the appearance of cellulite and double chin.
This can be used for those that are athletic or have experienced recent weight loss.

This lotion has a very thick consistency and can be used in the evening after bathing.
This lotion can be used from the neck down. It is not intended for facial use. Look for the Body Firming Milk Lotion on our website, You will find it in the Wellness category.

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